I do not plan a painting ahead-of-time. What I paint, and how I paint it, is guided by the ebb and flow of my painting ideas. When a painting idea appears on the canvas I grab hold of it and vigorously push it in its own direction independently of what came before or what I previously had in mind. It has its own life.


My treatment of subject is highly personal. Rather than describe nature pictorially I try to evoke feeling by dramatic distortion of color, shape and space. These plastic elements work together to create an overall picture design.


Figures are portrayed not as specific individuals or objects but more as elements in a still life, sometimes silhouette-like--a generalized approach to figurative imagery.  Often there is the effect of figures tentatively emerging from an abstract setting. The picture plane is generally flat. Or there are just a few related picture planes working together in shallow or, occasionally, deep space. The illusion of space is often presented as a mixture of two and three dimensions. Space is often distorted, not conforming to everyday logic.


My paint handling is loose, rapid, irregular, sometimes dense, uneven, and perhaps at times, bravura. My intention is to avoid showing a polished or even finished “craft” look so as to allow the art quality of my work to upstage the tediosity of craftmanship.


Often I explore painting’s language of abstraction and representation through many differently handled versions of the same subject.


I would characterize my work as in the formalist tradition: emphasizing the plastic elements & their relationships. These work together to create a picture that is beyond the sum of the separate elements.



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